~ Fabric & Garment Care ~


How to care for your Perfect Anywhere Dress so it stays looking as good as the day it arrived on your doorstep...


Look after The Perfect Anywhere Dress lovingly and it will become your new BFF, and the relationship will only grow stronger with time.  

Our advice is to always wear the slip with the dress. Not only will you avoid those "oops" moments in the light, but the slip will absorb perspiration and body oils, and extend the life of your dress and give you more days of wear per wash: better for the fabric, the environment and your time.

Plus, if you follow our tips, you'll be rewarded with a dress which is practically no-iron!


If you accidentally spill anything on your dress, sponge with a clean cloth and water and use a good quality pre-wash spray on those spots before you pop it in the machine. Under no circumstances should you use bleach.

Turn the dress inside out and use a cool, gentle machine wash at   no higher than 40 degrees, with minimum speed spin.                     

Don't use the dryer. Once the wash is finished, hang the dress and the slip on wooden or padded coat-hangers to dry, out of direct sunlight (much gentler on the fabric and avoids colour fade), gently stretching it into shape and smoothing out wrinkles. You'll be rewarded with a dress which needs the absolute minimum of ironing - if you still feel it needs it.                                                                                                                            

For a super crisp look, use a warm iron once it's dry, ironing on the wrong side (to avoid stress marks on pressure points), and for a pro-ironing tip, always iron towards the centre on collars and sash ends, so you don't push fabric into the point and create wrinkles.