Becoming Your Own Stylist Guide





We understand what it's like to go through changes - physical changes, role changes, work changes, style changes - life can be challenging!


Trying to hit the right style note for yourself through all this can leave you feeling like you have the wrong road map, but style and fashion are actually fairly simple when broken down, and we're here to help. You can learn the skills to de-mystify fashion and use it to reflect your personal beauty and style, and to efficiently look good and feel good, whatever your current role is, from young single woman, to mum, to work, to retirement or being a groovy granny!

To help empower you and support you in getting more style confident, we have designed a simple to read and use style guide that will help you reflect, assess and prepare or remedy your personal look. 

Once you go through it and implement the small easy exercises, you'll easily notice how you have effortlessly gained confidence and strength. Your future style choices will reflect this new found knowledge and show.

In short, you'll become your own stylist and keep being your own stylist and reflect the strong, attractive, loving woman that you are. 

You are only a click away from Becoming Your Own Stylist.



We hope you enjoy it as much as we did creating it for you.

Gemma & Bona xo