The Art of Beauty


Christian Dior 

 ~ The Big "M" ~

What does "the big 'M' stand for? Do I mean the temple of the Golden Arches? The big "M" stands for....


It's such a difficult word to use nowadays because it's understood as asking someone to dress dowdily (yuk) or frumpily (no cigar) or buttoned up from ankle to neck (how uncomfy). Well, it's none of those things. Modesty is about dressing in such a way that you are not only very attractive (yes!) but that your style brings people to look into your eyes (the window to your soul), to look at you as a whole, not as a set of body parts.

What does that mean? Well, yes, it does mean not exposing your cleavage, or thighs, or midriff,  or wearing suction clothes that display every line of your body. Ouch! That can be a bit tough. No, it’s just practical. It’s just human nature to look and that’s what people, men or women, will do. We are creatures of senses and we respond to that stimuli.

They consume part of us visually

So, what’s the big deal then if it’s just human nature? It’s a big deal because people miss looking at us as a person, not cleavage or thighs or midriff or skin tight clothes. They look at us sexually because these are sexual parts of our body. They don’t look at us and see the whole person.  They consume part of us visually, because that’s what we’re inviting them to do.

It’s also a big deal if we flip this over and dress like nuns when we aren’t nuns. When we feel we have to cover everything up because that’s how we avoid inviting people to look at us the wrong way. That’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Fashion is good thing

Let’s not do either. My advice is that fashion can be conquered, and style can be learnt.  Fashion is good thing, so enjoy it; have fun developing your own sense of style and personality; learn to dress in ways which make you very, very attractive and bring people to look into your eyes and to see the whole person. 

So, let's rescue “the big M” from the affliction of being understood as what it’s not.  The takeaway from this is that Modesty is style. Modesty is elegance. Modesty is thought. Modesty protects. Modesty is attractive. Modesty is transformational....

Modesty rocks!